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About Us

A-N Collection is a business partnership with Ania Simmons (a 13-year young entrepreneur) and her grandma, who is affectionately known as "Nana".

When Ania was only 6 years old she took interest in learning the art of sewing. Her Nana took the time to teach her the craft and in turn created an outlet for Ania to tap into her creativity.  From aprons, to liners, to jean bags, Ania's skill and eye for design has grown to the level you see today.

Inspired by women who Rock their natural hair, these handbags are as unique as each woman's style. No two bags are alike and we can even customize your own favorite pair of old jeans to match the uniqueness of you!

At A-N Collection, we give you the ability to get a one of a kind look. Whether you need something for yourself, or a gift to show someone you care; you will find the most thoughtful gifts made with love on our online store.